please do not erase our lives, our love, and precious parts of who we are




'Life shrinks or expands, in proportion to one's courage'





Radical Inclusion involves seeing each person as potential gift, recognising gift in exactly who they are and what they can offer to community.

750 rectors and vicars have been identified, who appear considerably sympathetic to a more generous and accepting welcome for gay and lesbian people in the Church of England.

A survey will be sent out to them later this year, to try to understand their views on how the Church should become truly inclusive.

During the present national health emergency, even that quick investigation ... just a 2-minute survey... must wait because we all know this is a time for working together. As a nurse, I'm clear there are immediate priorities that must come first this spring and summer.

Many of us, in the coming months, will face great challenges at home and in our local communities. There will also be pitiful situations in many places around the world. May the grace, and practical compassion of God, speak to our consciences and guide us in our prayers.

Susannah Clark




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